Imagine traveling the world independently, deciding where to go and what to do with no one's preferences in mind but your own. 

Imagine seeing breathtaking sights around the globe, having once-in-a-lifetime experiences, making friends from all over, and learning deeply about yourself and the world.

These are just some of the benefits women can enjoy from solo travel. I've personally experienced all of them and more in my travels, and you can too!

I was scared of traveling alone the first time, too

I've traveled to 36 countries so far—and I've seen 17 of them totally solo. I'm IN LOVE with exploring by myself!

But before I took my first solo trip, I was terrified.😱

I held all of the fears in the list above. But I had just graduated, I wanted to travel in Asia more than anything—and I couldn't find anyone to go with me.

So I went alone.

And it was the most rewarding experience of my life

🌟I made life-long friends, built tons of skills for travel, for work, and for life, and learned more about myself and what I'm capable of than I have in any other situation.🌟

Now, I've done it so many times that I've built up expertise about how to confidently, safely travel alone—and love it.

👉That's why I've put together this course: so I can share my expertise and experiences to inspire, equip, and empower YOU to travel alone, so you can reap all the amazing benefits it offers!

If any of these concerns are holding you back from solo travel—you're in the right place:

You're not alone! I experienced all of these before my first solo trip—and I address each one in this course.

  • Loneliness and making friends when traveling alone, especially if you're introverted or reserved

  • Safety as a female solo traveler in a new city or country

  • Handling the logistics of travel all on your own—like planning and budgeting

  • People thinking you're crazy or strange for traveling by yourself

  • A general fear of the unknown

This course is for you if:

  • Your travel partner canceled, and you still want to take the trip ✈️

  • You've had your eye on a destination for a while, but no one you know wants to or is able to go with you 🌴

  • You have plans or dreams of studying abroad, teaching abroad, or traveling abroad for work by yourself 🏫

  • You want to assert your independence and prove to yourself what you're capable of 💥

  • You've tried solo travel before, and you found it too difficult or felt unprepared 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • You simply want to see the world independently, and embark on your first solo trip with confidence and knowledge 🌏

Course Curriculum

Here's an outline of what you'll learn in my full course

1-FEARS VS. BENEFITS.🎁 We'll talk about fears that hold women back from traveling alone. We'll dig into your motivation for traveling solo, and talk about what you'll get from it.

2-MINDSET. 🧠 We'll cover limiting beliefs and dealing with people who don't support you. We'll take stock of the key solo-travel skills you have, and learn exercises to sharpen the rest.

3-SAFETY. ⛑ I'll share my best safety tips for female solo travelers, from creating safe situations and avoiding scams to dealing with sickness or emergencies abroad.

4-LOGISTICS. 🤓First: solo-planning and packing tips. Then, common mishaps and how to avoid and deal with them, so you can feel confident handling most any type of situation that may arise when you're traveling alone. 

5-MAXIMIZING YOUR TRIP. 📈Actionable advice for making friends on your trip, dining alone, dealing with homesickness, taking great travel photos of yourself, & documenting your trip.

The course is video-based, and also has worksheets, interviews, downloadable lists, and more to help you work through key concepts. 

✨You'll also get access to the SheGoes community for life. You'll get personal support, encouragement, and advice from solo travelers all over the world to help you on your journey!

Why take a course to learn to travel solo?

Traveling solo is a teachable, learnable skill

Think of it this way. Let's say you have an interview for your dream job. Would you wing it and hope it goes well? 🤞

Or would you rather have the chance to chat first with someone who interviewed there already and got the job? 

The second one, of course!

They could tell you what to expect, what strategies work best, what the interviewer is like. No one can prepare you for EVERY unknown, but they could prep you as much as possible.

That way, you'd go in with confidence knowing what to expect, and be far more likely to get the job. ✅

That's exactly what my course does for women who aspire to travel solo.

Based on my own life-changing solo travels to 17 countries, I'll teach you about what to expect and what you'll need to know before you go. 

You'll become confident and trained to handle most any kind of situation alone during your solo trip. 💪

Travel is an investment—money and time. Without the right preparation, you risk losing it—by not enjoying your solo trip, or even coming home early because you're overwhelmed.

Take Solo Travel 101 to prep before so you can maximize your first solo trip! 

You'll practice the skills you need, learn how to avoid common mishaps and stay safe, and discover how to make the most of your trip, from making friends to learning about yourself.

Course price


  • What's the format of the course?

    The course is mainly video based, but also includes bonus material like quizzes, worksheets, links to other resources, advice from women who have traveled solo, and lifetime access to an FST (female solo traveler) community for advice and support.

  • How do I know if I'm suited for traveling alone?

    Solo travel is for ANYONE: introverts and extroverts, planners and go-with-the-flow types, women of all ages, backgrounds, and home countries. As you'll learn in the course, the beautiful thing about solo travel is that ANYONE who has the means to travel can do it successfully and get incredible personal benefits from it.

  • What kind of previous travel experience is required for this course?

    This course is mainly designed for women who have traveled somewhat with family/friends/partner, but never solo. However—if you haven't traveled much, or have traveled alone before but want more advice and preparation before next time, you'll also get lots of value from this course.

  • How long will it take me to complete the course?

    There's about five hours of video content in this course. You could easily finish it in a week, or one dedicated afternoon!

  • What will I have by the end of this course?

    You'll have confidence in your abilities as solo traveler, and the mindset to keep growing. You'll have built key skills that you'll need on your solo trip, and you'll know how to stay safe and make the most of it. All that'll be left is for you to book your ticket!

Your Instructor

  • Angela Skowronek

    Founder, SheGoes Solo Travel

    Angela Skowronek

    Hey! I'm Angela, and I'm a highly experienced solo traveler passionate about helping women unlock the beautiful benefits of exploring the world alone. I've traveled to 36 countries in the past seven years—and most of them solo—starting with a seven-month backpacking trip throughout Asia. I'm an introvert and an organized planner-type, two traits people often think are barriers to traveling alone. I'm here to show you that you can explore solo (and get incredible benefits from it!) no matter what type of personality you have or where you come from. Let's talk travel!